8 Reasons Why Bootstrap CSS is an Ideal Front End Framework for Application Development

, 8 Reasons Why Bootstrap CSS is an Ideal Front End Framework for Application Development

Over the years, Bootstrap has gained popularity as sleek, intuitive and robust front end framework as a means for faster front end development. Bootstrap development services continues to be in demand as bootstrap is one of the widely used front end framework despite large number of alternative CSS frameworks like Foundation, Fbootstrapp, BootMetro, Kickstrap etc. Bootstrap is mobile-first, responsive front-end framework which is developed with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Besides, there are number of predefined classes in this framework which facilitates the front end development like no other framework and make it adaptable to all modern browsers. Initially introduced as mobile first framework, Bootstrap has proved to be reliable front end framework and now boasts the market share of more than 25%.

Bootstrap is impressively powerful and productive tool for developers to build
responsive web applications and digital communication tools.

1. Mobile First Framework

As more and more content is being consumed on handheld devices, it is evident that use of mobile devices is not limited to entertainment and gaming apps, but users are utilizing handheld devices to access business applications and tools. Building mobile ready applications is easy task with bootstrap as fluid grid layouts supports various screen sizes.

2. Grid Framework

Bootstrap comes with 12 column grid system, components and range of default layouts. Some of the highlights include:

  • Number of spots in the grid framework can be applied in the required manner by leveraging instant classes of bootstrap. 
  • The grid system enables display of the content in customizable manner which automatically scales up or down to adjust to screen resolution of any device. 
  • Facilitate the content blocks to hide or appear based on screen size and importance of the content.

3. Rich Documentation

Bootstrap has rich documentation which is readily available on its official site along with loads of examples and demos; not to mention this gets regularly updated. This not only helps with learning but also makes the development easier even for someone with basic knowledge.

4. Default Pre-Styled Components

Another reason why bootstrap is an ideal front end framework is because of its extensive pre styled components that are necessary for any developer to build responsive web application. 

In addition, there is always option to buy pre-built bootstrap templates to accelerate the responsive development or meet specific development requirements.

5. Ease of Customization

As all open source frameworks, bootstrap brings high level of customization benefits. Moreover, bootstrap provides endless customization possibilities, here you can not only select what components to include and exclude but also customize each and every variable component to literally build your own version of bootstrap.

6. Speed of Development

It is one of the biggest asset of bootstrap framework. If you are looking to quickly launch a new product or web application, you must consider bootstrap. Instead of coding from scratch, bootstrap’s ready-made blocks help develop rapidly saving hours of your development efforts.

7. Integration Friendly

Integrations are most suited to augment the functionality of any application. Be it responsive or non-responsive application, bootstrap integration with any front end framework is simple as ABC. 

Furthermore, elements of bootstrap can be used with existing CSS and also with eminent platforms such WordPress, Joomla etc.

8. Internal Consistency

Internal consistency is the core and distinctive feature of Bootstrap. Bootstrap encompasses on maintaining centralised development code which basically bonds designers with developers, ultimately helping you get consistent results across all the platforms. Basically, it means development output is the same no matter you use Safari or Chrome or Edge. 

It is very handy in enterprise applications or digital communication tools where maintaining branding guidelines is of utmost importance.

Wrapping it up

Front end development frameworks are meant to pace up overall development cycle ensuring responsive, engaging and consistent user experience. Bootstrap allows rapid development with all the required built in’s and features any developer can ask for; making it ideal framework for your next development project.

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