Noteworthy VueJS Developer Tools to help you build great apps (Part- 1)

, Noteworthy VueJS Developer Tools to help you build great apps (Part- 1)

VueJS has been growing in the popularity consistently because of advantage it offers in terms of learning, resources, documentation and of course development. If you are a seasoned developer or an amateur who seeks expertise in VueJS development, you need right vue development tools that will facilitate the Vue.js development. 

Being a leading Vue js Development Company, we have extensive experience in Vuejs Development Services which helped us to select the following tools that are crucial at every stage of vue development cycle. 

Having the right tools at your disposal, you can rapidly start building great apps without spending much time on research. Here are the tools that will help you expedite the development process:

1. Vue CLI

‘Vue Command Line Interface’ is necessary to quickly create project structures and deploy boilerplates. CLI helps you avoid the unnecessary time required not only for putting together various segments of the app but also for creating project structure. Not to mention it helps with rapid creation of prototypes, customization and third party plugin integrations as well. 

Vue CLI does not presents with any specific capabilities of its own but adds great value by making the process easier and capabilities more accessible.

2. Webpack

For building comparatively easier applications which having couple of pages, execution can be done with basic process of writing vue code with JS scripts in HTML files. But when you want to build complex applications and need reusable components then basic setup becomes painful. 

A usual webpack template comes with components like vue-loader, Babel, vue template compiler to enable compilation of vue code in JavaScript; vue style loader, CSS loader for customizing styles in .vue files. Webpack assembles all of these in one piece, create dependency graph and provide output JS file. Providing the means for getting the output file is what makes webpack useful in vue development.

3. Vue.js devtools

Vue development can be a tedious some times and developers need right tools to track errors and rectify them quickly, and when it comes to vue applications vue.js devtools are standard. 

Vue.js devtools comes with browser extensions of all the leading browsers which allows you to easily rectify/debug the code of any specific page just by accessing the webpage in any browser.

Basically vue.js devtools digs deep in every vue application to give you insight into every stage which includes enabled vue components, data etc. ultimately helping to optimise the performance of the app.

4. Nuxt JS

Setting up a good boilerplate is a first step for building great application after VueJS setup, as creating boilerplates is necessary to save the efforts of writing the code from scratch. Though there are many options for creating boilerplates; with Nuxt JS, you can create many type of applications like PWA-Progressive web applications, SSR-Server Side rendered apps, Static apps and SPA-Single page applications. 

Nuxt has a modular architecture and comes with 50+ modules that can accelerate the development process, these modules facilitate the tasks like getting Progressive Web App benefits, adding googles analytics and generating site map. 

Most importantly, Nuxt JS offers performance tuning by combining the best practices of Vue JS and Node JS by means of its bundle analyser.

5. Vue dummy

Vue-dummy is the library that simplifies the process of generating placeholder content for vue applications e.g. placeholder text and images. This is very useful to quickly check how change in the frontend code impacts the look and feel of the interface.

Wrapping it up

Though vue.js is a great and robust application, it still needs reinforcement from various tools to make the entire process simpler and faster. Above mentioned tools will help any developer to craft awesome user interface and user experience using Vue.js.

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