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Browser extensions are crucial in facilitating the use of your applications and improving productivity of the users. VSH offers smarter browser extension development capabilities so you can expand your potential audience and deepen engagement with your users. Browser Extension Development has been the core of our services offerings since inception and during the tenure of last 7 years, we have delivered quality browser extension solutions across Advertisement, e-Commerce, Productivity, Marketing, Non-Profit and Entertainment.

Masters of browser extension solutions with client base across Fortune 500 Companies to Start-ups

More than 300 browser extension projects successfully completed till date across all the industry verticals

Dedicated team for browser extension development solutions with more than 5 years of average experience

Automated continuous deployment methodology with VSH’s DevOps culture for streamlined processes

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Customized extension for each browser

We realize that each browser platform is different and every browser carries unique set of features and unique set of followers. Lack of specific browser extension slashes your chance to get associated with those many users or to improve reach of your solution.

We take all of this into consideration while developing a browser extension. During the development phase we make sure to develop modules which can be reused across different browsers that too without compromising features or performance.

Fast and Perfect

We always take pride in building excellent browser extensions that exceed our client’s expectations. Over the years we have perfected user interface designs for different requirements, our skilled product owners design and develop each user interaction and workflow carefully and follow rigorous CPU and memory profiling for the code we write to deliver lightning fast extensions.

Launch to Extension Store

With our state-of-the-art continuous deployment system, releasing extension to its store is a piece of cake. We make sure that the extension is uploaded and approved on the extension store correctly and also integrate the extension with website so that users can discover and install the extension directly from your website. Subsequent to the release, we design strategic approach to optimize the extension’s listing to provide better rankings than its competitors.

Insight and Analytics

Knowing the product statistics lets you understand how your extension is being received, its user behaviour patterns, workflow hindrances and areas which need improvement. We design and integrate analytics for the extension to help you get the meaningful insights to drive your next business strategy.

Rapid Iteration

Successful product is the one which responds to its user needs, feedback and undergo continuous improvements to satisfy the customer needs. With our one click continuous deployment system, enhancing the extension is easier and facilitates rapid release of product upgrades

Unlocking Growth

We excel in maximising the user engagement and improve the conversion rate with the help of superior browser extensions. Besides development of the product, we help organizations to improve the overall product usability and acceptance with our unique marketing and growth solutions.

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We have worked with VSH for two different projects with an engagement of more than 5 years and I can say that it has been a really positive experience. Technically competent, reliable and highly professional. A perfect Technology partner!!

Alex Edson

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