Extensive SaaS Application for Social Selling

Innovative SaaS platform to measure the performance of the social media campaigns and optimize engagement and revenue goals with advanced metric

Product Brief

Companies across the globe working in B2B and B2C domain run digital campaigns. They track disconnected numbers to evaluate performance of their campaigns, though there are number of metrics like CTR (click-through rate), page views, time spent, likes, shares etc. it’s still an incomplete science to gauge the campaign engagement. 

The SaaS solution analyses the performance of the various ad campaigns from social sharing perspective and determines the brand engagement. Important aspects and abilities of the solution include:

  • Content collaboration across organization and platforms 
  • Feedback management using single dashboard
  • Easy content publishing across social media platforms 
  • Multi project management and collaboration 


Client is a United States based social media data science agency that consults global organizations with marketing strategies that stimulate the brand engagement and results in improved sales numbers. 

The CEO of the company has rich experience in social media strategies and has worked for various innovative startups and enterprises. In the initial introductory call he shared the high level project idea but after reviewing our extensive customer success stories in SaaS domain and after couple of brainstorming sessions with VSH’s tech consultants and business analysts’, he decided to start the development straight away with a team of 10 dedicated resources.  

Our Solution

Documenting the rough product idea discussed over few brainstorming sessions was critical, so the project started with preparing thorough requirement document and defining the solution and execution approach. Some of the important aspects of the solution include:


VSH SaaS is SaaS development acceleration platform and has number of in built standard SaaS features, the platform was leveraged for this project to reduce the time to market. On top of the standard features, development of number of features like content collaboration, feedback management, integrated dashboard modules were developed. 

Apart from the technology consulting, development, testing and deployment; VSH team was responsible for marketing and branding of the solution and ensured start off of extensive inbound and outbound marketing strategies. 

Third party integrations

The project involved integration with all the major social media platforms. Different set of integration guidelines, managing communication with their respective technical teams and consideration of all these aspects while sprint planning to avoid delays was critical during development. With effective management and seamless communication practise, VSH team managed to successfully complete these within given timeframe.

Pricing Strategy

Having detailed knowledge of issues and risks associated with conversions in SaaS solutions, VSH built robust system to reassure users in case of failed payments or payment related issues. Also developed and efficient ‘Plan Customization Module’ to help build custom plans for enterprises and for individual clients facilitating the work for SDR’s while dealing with niche requirements.

Role based access

The SaaS Platform required to ease the content creation, content collaboration, feedback management for stakeholders executing different social media campaigns at different levels. This included possibility of stakeholders like employees, partners and members working in different functions within the organizations and outside the organization as well. Considering all the possibilities, VSH team developed Smart role based access to effectively manage the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders while ensuring smooth communication among them.


Considering the various infrastructure management factors, MAILTAG was deployed on the AWS environment. Some of the characteristics of this environment include

Auto scalability

Auto-scaling configuration to manage the server load with respect to the surge in the users

Capacity Planning

Scale up and scale down the servers based on the requirement patterns to optimize the infrastructure costs

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is a part of VSH’s deployment methodology. Each and every build deployment is audited for any spikes in the usage of RAM, Database or CPU followed by corrective actions if required

Database Auto scaling

VSH leveraged AWS Aurora for auto-scaling of the database as per the usage requirement without the need of any manual interference

Technology Architecture

Technology Stack






Team Composition

4 Full Stack Developers 

2 Front End Developers

Product Manager

2 Test Engineers

DevOps Engineer


Major challenges were involved in the third party integrations as all the platforms have different set of integration guidelines. The process was time consuming and directly impacting sprint planning and delivery deadlines. 

Difficulties in ensuring real time communication with onsite team because of unusual time difference, as client’s HQ is located in Mountain Time zone while our development team was working from IST time zone, so working hours were changed to have late night or early morning daily stand ups.

Development of event management and scheduling featured tool within the product itself to overcome the limitations of the thirty party event management tools. 

Creation of custom HTML ads was challenging part of the ‘In browser ad creator’ which was successfully executed after consultation with VSH’s Subject Matter Experts. The feature enabled users to create and preview of these ads in various devices and environments.


Continuous and prompt communication with stakeholders and technical team is necessary to manage permissions and compliances in case large number of third party integrations are involved as it may create bottleneck in sprint planning and meeting deadlines. 

In depth understanding of the social media domain, its norms and comprehension of metric to gauge the audience engagement on social media. 

Processing, management and storage of large amount of data which was getting generated through various platforms in the form of images, videos and other media files. 

Project Results

Exponential growth in the number of subscribers reaching the milestone of 20,000 active users within first three months. 

Users of the application


  • Substantial improvement in social media penetration of subscriber’s brands which resulted in considerable savings in marketing budget, effective content collaboration within organization and improvement in the operational campaign efficiency. 
  • Wide acceptance of the solution with client’s ranging from large enterprises, consumer facing companies, churches to B2B and B2C companies.  
  • Delivery of the solution well within the defined time frames because of dynamic project management. 

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