Video outreach SaaS solution for Sales and Marketing Campaigning

Innovative video outreach solution for sales and marketing professionals to improve conversion rate and build stronger relationships


Mr. Kanad is a San Francisco based serial entrepreneur and has founded number of start-ups, his last organization was acquired by Google and since then he was working on new idea of revolutionising the email outreach. 

Kanad reached out to VSH’s CEO Hrishkesh and also visited development centre as well to get detailed understanding of execution approach and competencies. He was quite impressed with VSH’s rich SaaS solution development experience and decided to partner with VSH for the development of video outreach solution.

Our Solution

VSH was responsible for end to end product development which included architecture design, extensive functionalities development, process streamlining along with support and maintenance.

Video Recording

Video outreach is the core of the solutions so critical requirement was real time recording and processing of the video in order to make the whole process lightning fast and convenient.  However this important requirement also posed major challenge from development point of view. The solution required simultaneous video uploading as it records, otherwise it would have been difficult to upload large files, if chosen to upload after complete recording. The process was facilitated by using web sockets and web RTC technologies and desired results were achieved providing the ability to send the recording the moment recording completes.

Integration with Sales and Marketing Tools

The solution has integration with more than 100 sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Mailchimp etc. which was challenging and time consuming task considering the varied guidelines and compliances. So a generic template was create for integration purpose to optimise the overall integration process and ensure efficient integrations with all the leading tools and CRM’s.

Video processing

Video processing was an important part of the process as the recorded video is nothing but a personalised sales pitch, so ensuring it to be polished was necessary to initiate positive business communications. So multiple tools and technologies were leveraged to process the recorded videos in real time and to ensure the video sales pitch to be as natural and live as in face to face meetings. 

  • Amazon Transcribe was used for auto subtitle generation requirements in order to ensure maximum engagement. 
  • For real time image processing and to facilitate various formatting activities like creating brief video clips, format conversion, generate GIF preview etc., FFmpeg tech is used in the solution.

Machine Learning and AI

In order to improve the response rate, customization in the video email was necessary but recording separate videos was not a feasible option. So, in order to automate the entire process of video email outreach and to avoid repetitive recording of the videos, our AI and ML expertise was leveraged to create personalised videos using deep fake.

Feedback based Development to Enhance the Product Functionalities

Post product launch, the solution got very good reception and manged to get significant number of users. As the solution was in its early stage, the support team kept generating feedback and which led kind of ‘feedback based development’ phase, which of course turned out to be very advantageous for the solution. Based on astute and selected futuristic requirements, we started improving the product and deploying the enhanced functionalities just within few days which led to higher user satisfaction and new user acquisition.

Technology Stack




Team Composition

DevOps Engineer

Testing Engineer

Project Manager

2 Senior Full Stack Developers


Considering the various infrastructure management factors, MAILTAG was deployed on the AWS environment. Some of the characteristics of this environment include

Auto scalability

Auto-scaling configuration to manage the server load with respect to the surge in the users

Capacity Planning

Scale up and scale down the servers based on the requirement patterns to optimize the infrastructure costs

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is a part of VSH’s deployment methodology. Each and every build deployment is audited for any spikes in the usage of RAM, Database or CPU followed by corrective actions if required

Database Auto scaling

VSH leveraged AWS Aurora for auto-scaling of the database as per the usage requirement without the need of any manual interference

Technology Architecture


Cross browser extension was also part of the solution which was developed with an objective of augmenting the use of the solution. Just few days after deployment, Google changed their policies, jeopardising the solution reputation and usage of thousands of users as well. VSH overtook the entire process again and got the extension approved as per new policies within just one week.

Scalability of the video recording was another big challenge faced by our development team.  So we set up a separate cluster on AWS and successfully achieved the scalability on backend servers.

The solution has more than 100 third party integrations and successful integration with all those tools was a challenging part considering their respective compliances. So we set up the process allowing prompt communication and follow-ups with the tech support teams and ensured successful integrations well before the deadline.

Use of ‘Deep fake’ for video email customization was challenging part, however rich experience in AI and ML helped us to achieve the desired results with perfection.


Development of an extensive video communication dependent SaaS solution and working in this domain (Video communication, real time video processing and use of AI and ML in video processing, screen recording, web socketing) was a big experience and important learning for the team.

Effective communication management by entire team even with a time zone having very little overlap for real time communication. 

Project Results

  • Development of MVP just within one and half month to successfully project the scope and relevance of solution functionalities to raise rounds of funding. 
  • Achieved significant user numbers even in the critical Covid pandemic situation when the market is somewhat sceptical towards adoption of new solution and was leaned towards cutting down on expenses. 

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