VSH Crawler

VSH Crawler

VSH Crawler is the scalable, efficient and comprehensive enterprise crawling solution with a prowess to crawl complex websites and large data repositories. Our crawling solution can help you extract data for any industry vertical in any given format to streamline your data acquisition with higher accuracy. It can harness the enormous data available around us in near real time into structured form and empower your decision making abilities to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Ability to Crawl and Store Data at Scale

High Performance Backend

Smart Crawling to Evenly distribute Crawl Requests

Ability to Extract from Arbitrary Websites


Easy to Integrate with New as well as Legacy Applications

Decreases Data Extraction Costs

Reduced Development Cycle Time

Superfast and Powerful Crawling

Data extraction in Various Formats

Scalable Architecture

VSH Crawler is a powerful and reliable tool for data extraction. Crawling was pivotal in our project and the platform provided the required accuracy for smooth functioning of the application.

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