6 Reasons why you should consider Vue.js for your next development project

, 6 Reasons why you should consider Vue.js for your next development project

Lot of front end technologies are explored by developers to make the applications faster, intuitive and user centric. Vue.js is one of the frameworks which has become favourite of the front end developer community across the world for various web development requirements. Vue.js is basically a progressive JavaScript framework with various optional tools for building responsive user interfaces. Many developers prefer Vue.js because they find it easier to follow and much more enjoyable to use. Vue.js’s success is also because of its accessibility, gentle learning curve and its simplicity.

 Following are the reasons why you should consider Vue.js for your next development project:

1. Developer Friendly

Popularity of the Vue.js also because of its framework structure that is easy to understand and developers can easily add it to their project because of its simple structure. Not only small but also large-scale application templates can be developed using vuejs. Also because of its simple structure, it is easy for developers to track error blocks and take corrective actions.

2. In detail documentation

Programmers like to develop with detailed documentation as it helps them to understand and structure the applications for future upgrades and provide support and maintenance when required. The in detail documentation of Vue js helps any user even with little knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to easily develop Vue.js based digital communication tools.

3. Simple Integrations

Vue’s structure facilitates easy integration with existing or legacy applications and other JavaScript frameworks because of its JS base and also due to availability of range of third party vue components and libraries. In addition, it can also be used as perfect jQuery replacement.

4. Two Way Communication

Vuejs expedites two-way communication because of its MVVM architecture allowing it to handle HTML blocks easily, this feature is also known as 2-way data binding. 2-Way data binding basically means whatever changes are done in user interface are passed on to data and changes done in data are reflected in user interface.

5. Development Flexibility

Development flexibility is also a benefit of using Vue.js as it allows users to write templates in HTML and pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes. It has proved beneficial in the development of the digital communication tools that run directly from browsers.

6. Small Size

Greatest advantage of Vue.js is its small size, the size of the vue js framework is about 18 to 21 KB which makes it easy to download and light and easier to use.


In brief, Vue.js has benefits of all the JavaScript frameworks combined altogether. It has perfect balance of features and facilitates the addition and upgradation as well. When it comes to large and complex systems, the simplicity and flexibility of Vuejs is an advantage and makes all the difference.

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